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Welcome to Redwood Tax Specialists
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When your tax team includes only a CPA or a single financial planner, you miss out on many potential deductions. No matter how remarkable one tax prep professional is, he or she can’t compare to a full team of expert strategists. Each person on our team brings a unique perspective from a different part of the financial or legal industries. We combine our strengths to find every possible deduction for our clients.   

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What is The Tax Reduction CPA®?

At Redwood Tax Specialists, we want to ensure that we are a good fit for all of our clients. That is why our first step is to conduct a no-obligation summary overview of your finances to determine if we can reduce your tax burden enough to make it worth your time and money. There is no cost or obligation for the tax reduction assessment.

Our Tax Reduction Strategies lays out a personalized strategy for each client and their situation. It accounts for every dollar you will save in taxes, which helps clients see the significant financial benefits of working with Redwood Tax Specialists. In fact, we guarantee that you save more in taxes than you will pay for using our Tax Reduction Blueprint fee.



Don’t Settle for Generalized Tax Planning

You’ve heard the saying that death and taxes are the only certainties in this world.

Fortunately, when it comes to taxes, you have a lot of control over how much goes to Uncle Sam. But the average American struggles to understand their own tax burden, and business tax compliance is even more complicated and confusing. The tax code is over 80,000 pages long—that means even the best CPAs can’t be experts in every area and strategy.

Because of complicated rules, fear of the IRS, and the generalized knowledge of most CPAs, many businesses just follow a standard tax plan. They don’t know how valuable customized tax reduction strategies can be.

That’s where we come in. Our team at Redwood Tax Specialists includes experts from across the financial and legal fields. This wide-ranging expertise gives us an advantage over other tax-planning agencies. Our accountants, lawyers, financial planners, and others are recognized experts in their specializations.

Together, we know the US tax code inside and out. We tirelessly use that knowledge to save clients the maximum amount of money. We study the tax code deeply to find income-preserving strategies. We also ensure that we are 100% compliant with the law. Every strategy is entirely legal and thoroughly vetted.

Contact us today to see how we can slash your tax bill! We’ll work with your accountant to develop and implement a holistic financial strategy.

Should You Use Your CPA for Tax Planning?

Many people assume that their CPA or accountant gets them every possible tax deduction. However, this is often not the case.

Maybe you like your CPA. They’re fantastic at their job and consistently blow you away with their outstanding work. Yet the fact remains that tax planning is not their specialty.

When you build a skyscraper, you hire both an architect and an engineer. The architect designs the building and shapes the vision and purpose. The engineer implements the architect’s design in the most practical and effective way possible.

Just as you wouldn’t expect an engineer to do the job of an architect, you shouldn’t expect your CPA to be a professional tax planner. Effective tax planning needs to happen long before the actual preparation of tax returns. That means high-earning businesses or individuals should plan ahead to take advantage of deductions throughout the year. Your average CPA or tax prep specialist simply doesn’t have the time to comb through 80,000+ pages of tax code. They can’t spend days or weeks developing the best possible plan to minimize taxes and maximize your wealth.

A solid tax planning team will make your CPA much more effective. They will develop creative tax-crushing strategies and will work with your CPA to put them into play. This combined effort will optimize your savings and keep your hard-earned money in your pocket. Ideally, you want to find an experienced and proven tax planning firm that will work with your current CPA to supercharge your tax strategy.

If you’re interested in having a dedicated tax planning team work with your CPA, we’re happy to help. You can learn more about Redwood Tax Specialists by contacting your Managing Director. 

Grow Your Business with a Tax Reduction Plan

When you work with a tax planning firm to cut your tax bill, the results can be astronomical, often resulting in a 50% or greater reduction. Here are some of the major advantages for your small business:

1. Slash your tax bill

It’s no secret: you want to take all available deductions. Yet most business owners pay more taxes than necessary. Why? Because their accountants search for deductions rather than creating them. We don’t just look for deductions; rather, we take a holistic planning approach to restructure your approach to greatly reduce your tax burden. We cut taxes by around 50% nearly 100% of the time.

2. Increase cash flow

Every dollar you save on taxes means a healthier bottom line. Taxes are one of the most significant business expenses and reducing them makes a big difference. Our strategies also minimize taxes long term, so your cash flow continues to increase as time goes on.

3. Fund future growth

When you give less to Uncle Sam, you choose what to do with your money. By funneling tax savings back into your business, you can grow in new and exciting ways. You could use newfound savings to invest in new technology, hire employees, replace outdated infrastructure, and more.

At Redwood Tax Specialists, we use holistic planning to get you the biggest deductions possible. We’ll work with your accountant to develop and implement a plan to keep more money in your pockets. We can create tax savings that the average accountant can’t because our team includes specialists from across the financial and legal industries. You can also rest assured that our strategies are 100% legal and audit-proof.




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