Timothy Berry
Managing Director
Timothy Berry

Tim has spent 40 years in the financial services industry working with some of the largest capital and investment providers in the country.

As such, he gained access to some of the foremost tax planning and financial planning experts in the world. He has helped hundreds of clients maximize their cash flow, generate tax efficient income and minimize their tax liability. Of these clients, many received up to 7 figures of benefits.

After being introduced to Bill Hall, CEO of Redwood Tax Specialists, and Scott Fedyshyn (The Tax Reduction CPA®), Tim joined the team as a Managing Director to offer a true holistic approach to planning for clients. Redwood Tax Specialists look at how individual tax strategies will work from a holistic perspective, staying within the IRS guidelines to help build a solid tax reduction plan that will last for years to come.

Tim lives in Fort Wayne, IN, enjoys golf and rugby but is primarily focused on serving clients throughout the country.

“We significantly reduce taxes above and beyond what you'll find on Main Street.”